The Five Reasons why & how to Provide Leadership Coaching to Your Company’s Millennials

The topic of millennials and workplace engagement has been the focus of a huge amount of recent literature and research—and for good reason. Millennials, defined by Pew Research Center as those born between 1981 and 1996, became the largest portion of the labor force in the United States earlier this decade, with over 56 million workers; by 2030, they will make up 75% of the US labor force.

  • Are the least engaged demographic group, with only 29% feeling engaged, 55% not feeling engaged, and 16% being actively disengaged
  • Change jobs more often than other generations do, with millennial turnover costing the US economy more than $30.5 billion annually

Paying attention to millennials, successfully engaging them, and investing in their professional development is one of the most critical endeavors an employer can undertake in relationship to engaging and motivating their workforce. The data overwhelmingly support this:

  • Millennials who believe they have a great workplace are 59x more likely to endorse their company to family and friends.
  • Highly engaged teams demonstrate increases in profitability by 21%, sales productivity by 20%, and output quality by 40%.
  • Highly engaged teams have a reduction in absenteeism by 41%.

Leadership coaching is a powerful way to engage and tap the potential of Millennials. Coaching provides a personal, actionable, and tangible way to develop and engage this generation.

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