Disengaged Leaders and “Bad Bosses”

Disengaged Leader aka Bad Boss Research.pngIn a recent report, Gallup estimates that disengaged leaders and “bad bosses” cost the U.S. economy $319 billion to $398 billion annually.

Disengaged leaders and bad bosses create an unhealthy work environment, which in turn makes employees miserable. In a previous study, we learned that leaders have a multiplying and cascading effect (i.e., ripple effect) on their organizations and teams by virtue of their role. In short, leaders that are both engaged and effective enable workforce engagement and performance throughout the organization. In this whitepaper, we reveal key findings from our research including:

  • Leader engagement
  • Characterizations of managers
  • Symptoms of a disengaged leader
  • Impact of disengaged leaders - on people and business objectives
  • The 4 organizational culture types

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