Coaching for High Potentials Webinar

Your High-Potentials and Emerging Leaders expect more than traditional training and development. And they don't want some boring outdated process. At Skyline Group, the future of high-potential leadership development is now.

Get instant access to this webinar where we share new trends and insights based on current research regarding:

  • What drives high-potential leaders
  • How to keep them engaged
  • How high-potential leaders can be your greatest competitive advantage
  • Why retaining and developing high-potential employees is a must - not an option


Stacy L. Shamberger, CPC

Executive Vice President, People and Revenue of Skyline Group International, a global human capital solutions company, with 25+ years of business experience in Human Resources, Finance, Operations and Sales. Stacy is a Certifed Professional Coach, an international speaker and published author, speaking and writing on topics such as leadership development strategies, employee engagement, and process improvement.

Instant Access to the Webinar