White Paper:

More Scrutiny, More Complacency,
Less Tenure, & Bad Succession Planning:

CEO Life is Getting Tougher. Here are Four Things CEOs and Companies can do to Make it Better.

For better or worse, awareness of the significance of the CEO role has extended beyond the world of business and into popular culture. The reputation of the CEO can live or die based on the professional and personal actions he or she takes, and, as a result, what is said about him or her on the Internet. At the same time, CEOs are getting less time to make their mark on an organization; median tenure for CEOs at large-cap companies has dropped since 2013.

So the question becomes: If CEO tenure is shrinking and public scrutiny is growing, how can CEOs and organizations drive performance?

This white paper reviews trends, practices, and opportunities that companies can take advantage of to improve business performance by optimizing the role of CEO and setting up long-term success with a pipeline of diverse future leaders.

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