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Why Employees Trust Their Company’s Mission, But Not Their Leaders

“Where there is no vision, there’s no hope.” -- George Washington Carver

 Leaders, by design, are supposed to inspire their employees. In order to do so, they must create relationships and an environment that supports and motivates people. And that starts with the company’s mission and vision. Employees buy into those tenents and trust in them. As the George Washington Carver quote states, when leaders underestimate the importance of the mission, they’re in trouble. However, leaders are in even deeper trouble when employees don’t trust them.


When It's Not You: How to Handle a Boss (or someone with whom you work) with a Mental Illness

People complain about their “crazy” boss all the time. But what do you do when your boss actually suffers from a mental health condition?

It sounds absurd, but it’s more common than you might think. The latest numbers from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that, in the previous year, 18.1 percent of adults had suffered from a mental illness.

For 4.1 percent of the population, it was a serious mental health problem.


Feedback Phobia: The Problem With Asking for Feedback

Everyone wants feedback, right? Wrong. Most people cringe at the thought. Although the term feedback has become mainstream in the world of corporate speak, giving and receiving it still ranks below going to the dentist for a deep filling. This is because we are wired to reject things we don't want to believe is true about ourselves, and most of us feel uncomfortable telling others information that could come across as insulting. So when someone asks you for feedback, you naturally think twice about providing him or her with the truth.