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The First Critical Step to Leadership Coaching: Effectively Providing Feedback

As the awareness and application of leadership coaching grows, so does the use of giving and receiving feedback. Giving feedback is a critical manager and leadership skill that when done correctly is an important building block of developing employees. However, there is a tremendous risk of damaging employee productivity, sense of self, and engagement  when feedback is not delivered correctly. 

Getting feedback is an opportunity to learn about what you are doing well and what opportunities there are for growth. In turn, giving feedback is a manager’s chance to share with their employees what they are doing well and opportunities for improvement.


Why Employees Trust Their Company’s Mission, But Not Their Leaders

“Where there is no vision, there’s no hope.” -- George Washington Carver

 Leaders, by design, are supposed to inspire their employees. In order to do so, they must create relationships and an environment that supports and motivates people. And that starts with the company’s mission and vision. Employees buy into those tenents and trust in them. As the George Washington Carver quote states, when leaders underestimate the importance of the mission, they’re in trouble. However, leaders are in even deeper trouble when employees don’t trust them.


The Nine Critical Steps To Influencing Others

 “Influence is 15% professional knowledge, and 85% the ability to express ideas, to assume leadership, and to arouse enthusiasm among people.” Dale Carnegie