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The 4 Reasons Why Leadership Development Needs to Be Updated

There’s a leadership problem in the workplace. Companies lack employees with leadership skills and fear they don’t have enough rising leaders to take the reigns. Case and point -- almost half of the companies surveyed for Workplace Trends’ Global Workforce Leadership survey in February and March 2015 said that leadership is the hardest skill to find in employees.


The Lack of Innovation & Tech in Leadership is a Major Problem

Technology changes so rapidly that it’s a challenge to keep up. And not only our personal technology, but we see this in the workplace, too. Almost every aspect of business has been made better by advancements in technology -- except leadership training.


Starting Small with HR Analytics in a Big Data World

Few topics in recent years have garnered as much attention as the topic of HR analytics. Several notable thought–leaders (e.g.,John Boudreau, Tom Davenport, Jack Fitz-enz) are calling for the HR profession to adopt a predictive analytics approach to understanding and managing people in the workplace, and a number of Fortune 100 firms have been leading the way such as Google, IBM, and Intel to name a few.


Delivering Consistent High Impact Coaching: Introducing the 4x4 Coaching Methodology

The benefits derived from executive coaching are many including - higher functioning leaders, higher performing companies, and better performing stock price. Whether you are just starting out learning to coach as a new manager or a seasoned coach, what you’ll find in the executive coaching world is a lack of consistency how coaching is deployed and how the success of the engagement is measured. To overcome this obstacle, I created the “4x4 Coaching Methodology.” This methodology ensures a coaching experience is consistent and hits the objectives you (both coachee and organization) have identified.