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Warning! Are You Dooming Your Leadership Development Programs?

In a 2016 Harvard Business Review article, Michael Beer, Magnus Finnström, and Derek Schrader shared the story of a leadership development program they studied. Initially, the program started off with a bang. Participants enjoyed the training sessions and post-assessments indicated it was successful.


Find Overlooked Talent by Providing Every Employee Opportunity for Career Development

Leadership coaching is typically reserved for the top one percent of employees. In other words, those nearest the top are getting all the development needed to get to and stay at the top. But what about everyone else? Do they get the same opportunities?


Find Your Hidden Strength in the Overlooked Middle

Why is the middle is so often overlooked? We see this phenomenon with the middle child in a family. We pay attention to the first child with caution and our youngest child with gentle coddling, yet we often have to remind ourselves not to forget about that middle child. Much like in a family, middle performers in a company are often overlooked, and it could be holding your organization back.