From Fear of Feedback to Story Changing Tool: 

Why doing a 360 assessment is something you want to do today.

Also known as multi-source assessments, 360s have long been used for gathering feedback - what you are doing well and areas for improvement. 

However, one of the most valuable benefits of performing a 360 is the least recognized: as a launching pad for solidifying, reestablishing, or correcting your leadership image. One’s brand can be either a career enhancer or a limiter. Using the 360 to reestablish or strengthen your professional image is a powerful tool to take control of your leadership brand.

In this white paper, we identify how to use the 360 assessment as a tool for developing, reinforcing, and improving how you are perceived and thus, improving your ability to influence others and be a more effective leader. 

  • How to make your 360 work for you. 
  • Controlling your brand. 
  • Redefining and reinforcing your story. 

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