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Taking Leadership Coaching To The Next Level: Scaling the Results and Impact of Leadership Coaching Throughout Your Company

Coaching has long been seen as only for the few at the top. There have been a number of obstacles to making coaching available throughout an organization to a broad segment of a company's employee population. No longer does coaching need to be a "haves" vs. the "have-nots" development proposition.


Moving beyond gender conversation

The Balanced Leader: Moving Beyond the Gender Conversation

Challenges to effective leadership continue to grow in complexity. One area of leadership that is gaining considerable attention pertains to masculine and feminine expressions of leadership that both men and women use interchangeably. Women continue to face roadblocks as leaders regardless of which gender expression they use, and our research highlighted some very interesting surprises about the obstacles they encounter.


Developing 21st Century Leaders

Developing Leaders in the 21st Century: Outdated Methodology is Giving Way to Technology-Enabled Solutions

Leadership development programs seem stuck in the past. Most coaching is focused on senior executives and is conducted in their offices or by videoconference. Coaching for mid-level leaders -- who are crucial to the success of organizations -- usually takes place in group classroom settings, or is skipped entirely. Clearly, the marketplace demands a new approach to leadership development.


Leadership Across Each Generation

This is What Leadership Looks Like in Each Generation

The workforce is currently made up of four distinct generations: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z. Both leading and leadership dynamics are unique with each of these generations. Based upon our research this whitepaper provides insight and guidance on: the unique leadership views of each generation, how each generation views the other, the strengths and challenges that leading each generation poses, and how to leverage the unique skills and perspectives of cross generational leaders.



Managers, Are You a Coach or a Mentor? Do You Know the Difference?

Managing employees and coaching employees are not the same thing. Although there is overlap between the two, they have different objectives. In this whitepaper, we cover all of the obstacles managers need to overcome to become coaches.



How to Build a Leadership Development Program that Doesn't Disappoint

Too many times, after months and months of preparation, a carefully-planned leadership development program fails. Why? In this brief whitepaper, we draw on our experience to reveal key factors in creating a leadership development program that resonates and engages potential leaders.


Moving Beyond Male-Female Leadership

Moving Beyond Male / Female Leadership Stereotypes

The most effective manifestation of leadership is an approach that is balanced - it falls in the middle of the spectrum, and leaders use both feminine and masculine versions of leadership skills in different situations. Unfortunately, stereotypes hold many leaders back from achieving this balance. They believe that they must act how employees expect in order to be successful in their positions. So, what are these stereotypes? And how do they impact the ways employees perceive leaders, and in turn, the ways leaders act?


Recognizing High Potentials

6 Tips for Recognizing High Potentials

According to research done at CEB, High Potentials (HIPOs) are 91% more valuable than non-HIPOs. But today's reality is that 73% of HIPO programs are failing to deliver business outcomes or ROI. In this brief whitepaper, we reveal key findings addressing how organizations can identify high-potential leaders in their ranks


changing the leadership conversation

Beyond Gender: Changing the Leadership Conversation

We need to move the conversation beyond gender and instead look at developing well-balanced leaders---what all leaders, male and female, can do to become more effective. The solution isn't as simple as telling women to adopt more masculine traits. Leadership competencies exist on a spectrum, and leaders need to understand when acting in a masculine or feminine way will be more effective.


Disengaged Leader aka Bad Boss Research

Disengaged Leaders and "Bad Bosses"

Disengaged leaders and bad bosses create an unhealthy work environment, which in turn makes employees miserable. In a previous study conducted by the Organizational Intelligence Institute, we learned that leaders have a multiplying and cascading effect (i.e., ripple effect) on their organizations and teams by virtue of their role.



Employee Data Lake: Sink or Swim!

The concept of a "data lake" with respect to Big Data represents the aggregation of a variety of data sources both structured and unstructured in one place such as email, chats, financial records, etc. Using a number of mathematical algorithms and business intelligence tools, companies are organizing and making sense of these disparate data sources through advanced analytics to make better business decisions.



The Impact of the Disengaged Leader

There is an estimate that disengaged employees cost the US between $450 and $550 billion dollars per year. With all this information about the impact of the disengaged employees you really don't see or hear much about the Disengaged Leader (DL) or manager.



10 Critical Reasons For Business Driven Surveys

This succinct article identifies why business driven and aligned surveys are critical to company success and lists the top ten surveys that all companies should be considering at different key times.


leaping ahead

Leaping Ahead With Organizational Intelligence Surveys

Organizational intelligence surveys measure employee engagement at each of these levels and more. They are broader than employee engagement surveys, yet concise and more focused than traditional employee satisfaction surveys (i.e., those antiquated and ridiculously lengthy surveys with 100-150 items).


search for brilliance-v2

The Search For Brilliance: Developing The Middle for Organizational Success and Viability

American Public University interview with Skyline's Stacy Shamberger on the power and potential of middle management.


sales is a numbers game-v2

Sales Is a Numbers Game... Or is It?

In sales leadership our lives are driven by numbers. And with the assistance of sales enablement tools and big data it seems the term "Sales is a numbers game" has become even more of a mantra for us. And we have the dashboards, reports and statistics to prove it. But what does the data and the tools really prove? The over-weighted focus on numbers, tools, and analysis has become a distraction and obsession away from what is really important.



Redefining Traditional Succession Planning

One of the areas in which enterprises are slow to adapt to the need for change is in their approach to succession planning. Many businesses don't do any succession planning at all, and most that do are still stuck in an old-fashioned hierarchal mindset that's no longer in line with today's dynamic environment. It's time to move beyond the stale paradigms and redefine the concept of succession planning.



Validating the Skyline 360 Instrument

In this whitepaper, we capture the core of the research performed through all other existing 360 assessments and distill the essence defined as the fundamental competencies that support or derail a career. Explore the key questions companies should be asking in their 360-degree employee feedback programs.



What Really Motivates People

When I'm talking to leaders, the conversation around how to motivate their team typically comes up whether it's a top performer who needs to be motivated to stay within the organization (and not lost to the competition) to middle performers who would do even better if they would take things to the next level. So what actually motivates people?



Maximizing the Middle for Sales Employee ROI

While popular business media and culture tends to focus on sales leadership, there is perhaps the greatest un-mined revenue generating opportunity lying dormant within almost every sales organization in the world: mid-level sales professionals. It is in the "middle" where the greatest development ROI and company performance gains can be derived. A 5% increase from a company's middle performance yields 70% more revenue than a 5% performance increase of a company's top 20%.



Maximizing the Middle for Employee ROI

There's no doubt that it's more sexy and fun to be putting together programs and working with people at the C-suite level or your high potentials, but at the end of the day it's your middle managers who are doing the bulk of the work. It is also in the "middle" where the greatest development ROI and company performance gains can be derived. A 5% increase from a company's middle performance yields 70% more revenue than a 5% performance increase of a company's top 20%.



Skyline Information

C4X - Revolutionizing Leadership Development

Companies demand a new approach to leadership development, one that addresses the shortcomings identified above and does so through a technology-driven solution. This white paper provides an overview of what we believe is one of the most innovative and better solutions to what has been offered on the market to developing leaders: Skyline Group's C4X Coaching for Excellence platform.



C4X Client Case Study: Medidata

Find out how Medidata, a publicly-traded company offering a SaaS platform for clinical researchers, realized huge returns on their investment in Skyline's C4X | Coaching for Excellence solution, including estimated leadership growth value of over $400,000 per leader.



C4X Overview

Discover how the C4X Suite leverages the impact of 1:1 coaching with the scalability and metrics offered by online and mobile technology - from new employee onboarding to emerging leader performance to senior leader development.