Genderless Leadership: Developing Leaders of The Future

The traditional view of gender in leadership leaves women believing they need to be more like a man in order to be successful and men feeling blamed and excluded. There is a new and better way to think about and identify ways to develop leadership skills that transcends gender. While gender bias does exist, it is critical to the evolution of leadership development to move beyond knowing that we need to act differently as a man or woman, to actually having the road-map for what to do and how to do it.

This webinar will challenge you to think differently about leadership and gender in the workplace and help you gain the following:

  • A new paradigm in which to understand leadership in the workplace and move beyond gender biases.
  • A new way to identify your skills as a leader and for those in your company.
  • A new way to act to leverage and grow your skills as a leader in the 21st century and for those in your company.


Thuy Sindell

author, President of Skyline Group & head of Skyline’s Coaching Division

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